The Road to Mobility Justice Is Not Paved by Technocrats a dispatch from the revolution

Public Transport is Dead? Long Live Public Transport yet another reiteration of the same basic principles

From City to Studio and Back: Design as Civic Action one of the very last things I did before leaving Beirut

CDR’s BRT Impact Report—One Step Closer to Inclusive Urbanism? an argument against the master's house leveraging the master's tools

Has the Existing Transit System in Lebanon Finally Been Recognized? a symposium report from our time at the Order of Architects & Engineers

A Tale of Two Squares a stroll through the political histories of two public squares in Beirut.

Beirut is notes from a protest against what Beirut was not.

Does Public Transport Exist? an argument against erasure—companion piece to the autobiographical essay below.

Geographies of War an autobiographical essay on the invisibility of transport workers in post-war Beirut.

House of Video an re-collection of a confiscated tape.

In Memoriam notes and plans from a place-based art project with memory as its medium.

Nothing to Declare: A Review a review of a research-performance on Lebanon's rail history.

Reading the Sea a critique of out-of-place critiques of Beirut.

Sharing in Public a lesson in human geography from a taxi driver in Beirut.

What A Bus Map Can Do a defense of Bus Map Project's approach to public transport in Lebanon.

You Can Check Out Any Time You Like a lament over bearings lost and (art-)politics deferred.

I know you hate the sound of the sea,
But what else is there to listen to
When your face is pressed against the glass of a car crashing?
'Beirut,' published in Octavius Magazine, August 2012