"...everything in this statement is hedged; indeed, "if anything" hedges the subject of the sentence, "dislocution," even before the reader gets that far. What it is, then, is an "expediently blurred trope," a "catalytic aid." Here extravagant vocabulary (words such as "catalytic" and "trope") is enlisted to mute the impact of definition, and even once meaning is espied, it is less than meets the eye. A trope is a figure of speech; an "aid" in this context is a help to the understanding. Few could object to such a heavily qualified sort of concept. What is it that one will be aided to understand with this already blurred figure of speech—and at that only "a trifle more readily" than one could understand it without such an aid? The answer seems to be energy that is "pluralistic, mercurial" and "Protean"; in short, energy that is so changeable that it can scarcely be grasped anyway."

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